Schools of Dentistry Statistics

Schools of Dentistry Statistics

Dentistry has been considered a great and noble profession from time immemorial. In any given community, it is common to find several dental practices and also dentists in major hospitals and clinics. Many people go to dentists regularly for several reasons. Be it for simple oral hygiene or for complicated surgeries such as root canal treatments, dentists are always in demand. If you are interested in taking up this noble profession as your life’s work, there are several factors that you need to think about carefully. The most important are the schools of dentistry that you should be looking at.

How to Choose the Right School of Dentistry

There are a plethora of choices of schools of dentistry, particularly in the United States. You should carefully consider as many schools as you can, as this could have a direct bearing on your future career as a dentist. Some of the important things that you need to look for in dentistry schools are:

  • Specialization: If you have chosen to become a dentist, you must already be pretty clear about the area of specialization that you are interested in. You could choose between fields to become an orthodontist, dental surgeon, general physician, etc. The school that you choose to study at should be well equipped to help you with this type of study and offer the specializations that you are interested in pursuing.
  • Facilities and Faculty: For you to be comfortable at a dental school, it must have no less than world class facilities for practical training as well as library facilities. The more exposure you gain at school, the better are the chances of you having a good dental practice. The faculty at the school should also be distinguished and able to impart a good education.
  • Location: The school should be located at a place easy for you to attend, either close to home or a place that you are willing to relocate to. This could indirectly have an effect on the overall amount of money you would be spending on your education.

Schools of Dentistry Statistics

There are plenty of schools of dentistry statistics and data available that could help you in your research to find the school where you would like to study. An important statistic is the rating provided to dental schools all over the United States. You could take a look at the top 50 or 100 schools in the country, and then choose accordingly.

Another schools of dentistry statistic that you need to look at is the satisfaction of the students passing out of any given school. The better the school, the happier the students would be. Also, you need to take a look at what type of placements or future opportunities have been provided to graduates of that school. The best placed dentists usually come from the best schools.

Schools of dentistry statistics also include their standing among other schools in terms of facilities, infrastructure, and more. After carefully studying all these aspects and data points, you can go ahead and make the decision of which schools to apply to.




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