Alabama School of Dentistry

One of the oldest dentistry public schools in Alabama is the very well-known Alabama School of Dentistry, which is part of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It was first established in 1948 and since then the Alabama School of Dentistry has been offering superb dentistry programs to Alabama residents. As time has passed by, the school has continued to grow and they have started to receive students from all over the country, and more recently, from all over the world. Moreover, the Alabama School of Dentistry has stressed the importance of providing their students with the latest technology, which led them to remodel their facilities and equipment recently.

Becoming a Dentistry Student at UAB

The Alabama School of Dentistry has carefully designed every program that is offered in their institution; they strive to teach the most important aspects of the dentistry field. Their syllabus differs from the traditional type of curriculum that can be found at other dentistry schools, which places them in the upper tier when compared to them. Moreover, even if students have already taken a four-year degree where they receivedbasic science classes, at the Alabama School of Dentistry they will go over this again just to make sure that they have a very robust foundation. In the last two years of any program, all students will be holding their practices at the Alabama School of Dentistry Clinic, where they will treat patients that require oral care. With such a strong background, all students are more likely to be successful once they graduate.

Choosing Your Program

When you start your application at the Alabama School of Dentistry, you will notice that there are four different programs available. Even though they are all extremely comprehensive, they have different requirements because they focus in different areas of the dentistry field. The Alabama School of Dentistrystarted out with only one program, but thanks to the growth that they have experienced, they have been able to add more to their curriculum. Currently, the four programs offered are:

  • Dental Assisting Program
  • DMD PhD Program
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine Program
  • Post PhD Programs
    • Orthodontics
    • Biomaterials
    • General Practice
    • Pediatric Dentistry

Keep in mind that these programs might be modified by the Alabama School of Dentistryat any time; they might be able to add more programs in the near future.

Applying to Scholarships & Financial Aid

Without a doubt, the most difficult thing to do when going to school is being capable of paying the tuition and fees. The Alabama School of Dentistry happens to be considerably affordable when compared to other schools of its kind; however, it still represents a substantial amount of money to be invested. Consequently, there are several ways for you to fund your education without having to take a second mortgage on your home. For one, if you are (or were) an excellent student in high school or college, you could be able to apply for academic scholarships. Moreover, you are entitled to submit a FAFSA application in order to see if you qualify for financial aid.



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