Boston School of Dentistry

Numerous universities in the United States have grown so popular, that thousands of students from foreign countries flock them with applications every year. One of those renowned centers of education is Boston University, which was first established in 1839 and has continued to expand over the years. Today, they are considered one of the largest employers in the entire country and also one of the biggest private universities. Moreover, it has created other colleges and schools in order to house the thousands of students that they receive; one of their most popular schools is Boston School of Dentistry.

Applying and Getting Admitted

There is no doubt that filling out applications for colleges, and schools, is one of the most tedious tasks in the whole process of applying. However, if no application is sent, then you won’t have any chance of ever attending Boston School of Dentistry, or any school for that matter. Therefore, keep in mind that you must always verify the information that is presented in the official website, because that is the main source of information for Boston School of Dentistry; if there are any changes whatsoever in the process, Boston School of Dentistry will make sure to publish them on the web. Currently, they are offering two main programs which are the traditional DMD and an Advanced Standing program that has duration of two years. You can apply to either of them directly on the website, or send your application by postal mail to the address listed there.

DMD Applicants at BU

The faculty and officials at Boston School of Dentistry have stated that their mission is to prepare the students,in order for them to offer first-class oral care to their patients. This means that they always stress the importance of having good values and moral ethics due to the nature of the field, which in turn expects them to show genuine concern for the well-being of their patients. With these goals in mind, Boston School of Dentistry has designed the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) Program, which has been a pillar of the university since its incorporation in 1963. Moreover, some of the requirements that students must meet in order to apply for the DMD at Boston School of Dentistry are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university/college
  • AADSAS Application (online)
  • DAT scores
  • Valid transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation

Different Programs Offered

Most likely you have seen how doctors are capable of obtaining a specialization in different areas of medicine; even though the field is still the same, they can move on to study a very particular area of the field. The same thing happens with dentistry; at Boston School of Dentistry there are different programs that are offered to the students. Keep in mind that the degrees and programs offered at Boston School of Dentistry can change over time, it’s always recommended to check with them prior to sending in your application. Currently, some of the programs offered are:

    • Dental Medicine
    • Oral Biology
    • Dental Public Health
    • Operative Dentistry
    • Pediatric Dentistry



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