St. Louis University School of Dentistry

Most Americans have heard of the popular St. Louis University School of Dentistry, especially because it has been around quite a long time. Established in 1818, the St. Louis University School of Dentistry was founded on the values of the Catholic faith by the Jesuits, who were looking to provide superior education to the young people of St. Louis, Missouri. Moreover, the Jesuits strongly believed that if they combined superior dentistry education with moral Christian values, then they would be providing honest and hardworking dentists for the community.

Campus Life in St. Louis

Even though the old School of Dentistry at St. Louis was officially closed in 1971, today you can still find the School of Pre-Dentistry. The truth is that the St. Louis University School of Dentistry has grown so much that St. Louis University eventually opened up a new campus in the Spanish city of Madrid, which happens to be an important city for Jesuit missionaries. Furthermore, St. Louis University School of Dentistry understands that students have the right to live their life when they’re not in a classroom, and that’s why they have taken the time to build a wonderful campus in St. Louis. The following are some of the student-oriented departments that you can find at the St. Louis University School of Dentistry:

  • Faith &Service
    • Ministry
    • Prayerbook
  • Activities for Students
    • Clubs
    • Concerts
    • Theatre
  • General Student Services
    • Calendar
    • Disability Help
    • Dining
    • Housing

Getting Admitted While Still in High School

As you may have already learned, in order to attend a dentistry school, it’s required that you have already taken certain number of Biology, Science, and English classes, or that you have a four-year degree. A lot of people don’t realize that they want to become a dentist until they feel it’s already too late; others believe that when they’re in high school it’s still too early to contact the St. Louis University School of Dentistry for enrollment. However, many may not be aware that the St. Louis University School of Dentistry actually has a program referred to as ‘Medical Scholars’ where they accept students that are still in high school! In order to qualify for the Medical Scholars admission you must have or do the following:

  • Qualifying ACT or SAT score
  • Meet the requirements for the desired dentistry program
  • Medical Scholars Application

Starting Out With Pre-Dentistry

There is no doubt that dentistry is a wonderful profession worth pursuing, and the St. Louis University School of Dentistry happens to be one of the best of its kind. Even though the original school has already been closed, students can opt to enroll in the St. Louis University School of Dentistry – Pre-Dentistry Program. This program will allow you to take all the required subjects before being accepted at any type of dentistry program or university, and it will also prepare you to take the DAT (Dental Admission Test). Moreover, it’s critical that the students at St. Louis University School of Dentistry understand that there is quite a degree of importance in other areas such as humanities, which happens to be extremely desirable in a dentist.



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