Louisville School of Dentistry

If you’re looking to get into dentistry school because your dream is to become a prosperous dentist, then you ought to consider applying to Louisville School of Dentistry. While there are quite a bunch of different dentistry schools in the United States, Louisville School of Dentistry has been around since the 1800s having their first generation graduate in 1887. Located in the great state of Kentucky, Louisville School of Dentistry was one of the first universities to be owned by a city and even to this day, it remains as one of the most popular universities in the entire country.

Becoming a Student at Louisville School

Undoubtedly,getting started with the application process can be quite a hassle because you will haveto provide various pieces of documents to the university. However, prior to starting you should get familiar with the requirements listed in the Louisville School of Dentistry website, this way you can start getting prepared beforehand. Keep in mind that your admission – or rejection –will be based in a number of factors that are both academic and non-academic, and it’s up to the board to make the decision. Currently, the Louisville School of Dentistry has the following requirements listed:

  • DAT scores
  • Previous GPA
  • Finalized courses of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (list GPA as well)
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Motivation to study dentistry

While the requirements remain fairly the same, it’s important that you check with the official website before sending out your application and documents. If you have any doubts, you can contact the Admissions Department at Louisville School of Dentistry for further instructions.

Caring for Others

Once you get admitted to Louisville School of Dentistry, you will have the chance to participate in numerous activities and programs. For one, Louisville School of Dentistry has been known for always looking for ways to innovate, and that is why their classrooms are updated with the latest technology available. Moreover, the research department is committed to finding ways to fight various oral infections and because of their recent discoveries the Federal Government has released grants to support their research. Furthermore, perhaps the best experience that you will enjoy is the satisfaction of treating patients at Louisville School of Dentistry Clinic, while you’re still a student. The clinic is open to the public and for a small fee they can have access to oral care, while you are able to practice your skills and accrue experience.

Continuing Your Education

Just as you have witnessed the evolution of technology, you will see that the medical field keeps changing and evolving with time; therefore, it’s critical for those that are involved in the medical field to become familiar with the new findings and the new concepts that constantly arise. Louisville School of Dentistry offers a program, referred to as Continuing Education, where those that are already working as medical professionals can learn more about the new changes presented in the dentistry field. In addition, all the courses included in the Louisville School of Dentistry programs have been approved by the Kentucky Board of Dentistry.



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