Dugoni School of Dentistry

Whether you have looked into becoming a dentist or not, there is no doubt that a healthy mouth is something of high importance. The truth is that despite the fact that the majority of people are afraid of the yearly dentist visit, they know it’s completely inevitable because doing so will prevent them from developing any type of disease or oral discomfort. Moreover, if you have a desire to become a dentist that provides top-notch service to his or her patients, you may want to consider enrolling at the Dugoni School of Dentistry, which is located in San Francisco, California. Over the years, they have received only recognitions and awards for their numerous achievements and wonderful dentistry programs.

The Dugoni Experience

When searching for a high quality dentistry school you will find that Dugoni School of Dentistry happens to be in the top rated schools of the United States. In most rankings, it happens to be in the top five, which means they have reputable programs that help students become successful dentists in the future. One of the most important factors that has allowed Dugoni School of Dentistry be successful is the fact that they have constructed their academic agenda around the true human values that matter, such as humanism. In the end, it isn’t about the job itself of being a prosperous dentist but rather about the patients that the dentists are helping. At Dugoni everyone lives for humanism, which means they live for their patients and their well-being. There is a section on the official Dugoni website that includes information about alumni and the story of their life post-Dugoni.

Numerous Dental Programs

At Dugoni School of Dentistry they are always in the lookout for talented students that want to make a career in the dentistry field. If you have a passion for oral care and want to dedicate your life to assisting others, you should definitely check the different programs that Dugoni School of Dentistry has to offer.  Remember to always check the Dugoni official website for information; the current programs are:

  • IDS Program – tailored for foreign students that already have a dentistry background
  • High School Advantage –for high school students
  • Dental Hygiene Program –accelerate dentistry program (36 months)
  • DDS Program –complete a 4-year program in only three calendar years

Becoming a Dentist

Whether you are currently a high school student that just realized that dentistry is for you, or an adult that never got a chance to make it in the medical field, Dugoni School of Dentistry is definitely one of the best options for yourdentistry education. There is no doubt that working towards your goal might be difficult at times, but the reward will long years of an admirable career. Once you complete your program at Dugoni School of Dentistry, you can volunteer to assist patients that head to Dugoni for help, and once you have acquired the necessary experience, you can move on to working with others. Some recommend working with seasoned dentists at the beginning of your program, in order to learn from their many years of experience.



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