School of Dentistry Colorado

If you have been looking into starting your dentistry career, you may want apply to the well-knownSchool of Dentistry Colorado. Established in 1922, the school has continued to update their programs by including the latest discoveries in the dentistry field, and by replacing their equipment and supplies periodically. Currently, the School of Dentistry Colorado is the only dentistry school in the state and it offers a wide variety of programs and departments. If you’re planning on applying to the School of Dentistry Colorado, make sure you do it with plenty of time so you can plan accordingly.

Getting to Know the School

The School of Dentistry Colorado has definitely been around for many years, which has given them the opportunity to gain the necessary experience in order to provide their students with only but the best education. They have been recognized as one of the best dentistry schools at a national level, and they have received a considerable amount of funding from third-party organizations who want to contribute with the research studies carried out by the School of Dentistry Colorado. Moreover, the American Dental Association granted them full approval just two years ago, and they also awarded them with the Dental Accreditation due to their comprehensive programs. In addition, the School of Dentistry Colorado seeks to shape future dentists by offering them the tools they need to become excellent health service providers.

Programs Offered

If you decide to apply to the School of Dentistry Colorado, you must be aware that there are numerous programs offered. This means that you will have to choose the one that best suits your needs; keep in mind that every program has its own set of requirements, which might be different than the general requirements set by the school. The mission of the School of Dentistry Colorado has always been to design programs that are completely comprehensive and that are capable of offering the students everything they need to know in regards to their specialty. Keep in mind that the programs might be modified or even suppressed; therefore it’s important that you check with the School of Dentistry Colorado before applying. Currently, some of the programs offered are:

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)
  • General Practice Residency
  • Graduate – Orthodontics & Periodontics
  • International Student Program (ISP)

Patient Care

Besides providing first-class education, the School of Dentistry Colorado has also been known because of their clinics that offer superb oral care to more than 80,000 patients a year. The School of Dentistry Colorado believes that dental health is more than just having to deal with teeth and cavities; it has to do with allowing people to have a higher quality of life. Moreover, all students at the School of Dentistry Colorado participate in the clinic in order to gain experience and practice treating real patients; this means that once they graduate, they already know what to expect. The costs of having oral services done at the clinic are considerably lower than other private dentistry clinics, which gives access to dental care to those who can’t afford it.



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