Pittsburgh School of Dentistry

The Pittsburgh School of Dentistry is definitely one of the oldest dentistry schools to still be around, and once,it was the largest dentistry school in the entire world. Established in 1896 in Pittsburgh, this public school – which was first known as Pittsburgh Dental College – continued to grow every year until it was forced to open new departments and buildings. Moreover, records indicate that the first woman to ever attend Pittsburgh School of Dentistry was Mary Glenn, who enrolled in 1898; this is something that was not common at all during that era, and comes to show that Pittsburgh School of Dentistry has always been open-minded and innovative.

Living in Pittsburgh

One of the things that attract students to Pittsburgh School of Dentistry is the fact that it’s located in Pittsburgh, a city that once was home to booming factories. Even though it has changed drastically over the last several years, Pittsburg remains as a wonderful city to visit, because there are numerous activities that can be enjoyed. As a student at Pittsburgh School of Dentistry, you will be able to enjoy the city on your free time; there are countless restaurants, as well as theaters and cafes. Moreover, the city has transformed into a hot spot for clubs and sports battles, which draws thousands of tourists that come from other states and even other countries. As you can see, even if you are a hardworking student at Pittsburgh School of Dentistry, you will have time to enjoy the beauties that Pittsburgh has to offer.

Departments at Pittsburgh School of Dentistry

Just as every other dentistry school, the Pittsburgh School of Dentistry has quite several departments that handle numerous programs. These departments are managed by members of the faculty, who in turn are very close to the body of students. This is something that students at Pittsburgh School of Dentistry have described as an advantage, because they always have access to their instructors who can guide them better whenever they have doubts. Moreover, a few of the departments found at the school are:

  • Dental Health Services
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Center for Patients With Special Needs
  • Dental Anesthesiology
  • Oral Biology
  • Dental Public Health

Learning at the Simulation Clinic

Besides having access to the different departments found at the Pittsburgh School of Dentistry, students will also be taken to the Simulation Clinic. As the word describes it, this clinic enables students to practice the methods they have learned in the classroom, which will put their own skills to the test. The Simulation Clinic at the Pittsburgh School of Dentistry is a completely state-of-the-art room, where there are 80 workstations that are fully equipped with all the necessary tools that the students will need. Consequently, students will have an interactive and real-life environment where to practice their dentistry skills. The tools that are included in the Simulation Clinic include:

  • Simulated patients
  • Video monitors
  • Computers
  • Dental units (chair)
  • Lights

Later in the program, students at Pittsburgh School of Dentistry will have access to the Comprehensive Care Program where they treat real patients.



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