Baylor School of Dentistry

The United States and the entire world have been battling a recession that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. This has certainly made things a lot more difficult, like going to college to obtain higher education; however, this doesn’t mean that you are not capable of applying to scholarships or financial aid to obtain that diploma that you have been longing for. Moreover, there are quite a few professions that have proven to be sort of immune to the recession and the dentistry field certainly falls under it. Baylor School of Dentistry is located in Texas and it offers top-notch education for those who want to become successful dentists.

Baylor Mission

Every school and university has been established on a base of goals and commitments, which is known as the mission of the school. Moreover, businesses and organizations also tend to have a mission because it is what drives them to be successful in their industry; consequently, Baylor School of Dentistry happens to have a mission as well, and that is to provide better oral care to the residents of the state of Texas. You’re probably wondering how they canachieve such a mission; well, by educating those that will be holding the dentist title in the future. Baylor School of Dentistry also wants to have a positive impact in the evolution of the dentistry field by continuing their research work, where they arein the lookout for revolutionary innovations in medicine and science.

Forming the Dentists of the Future

Baylor School of Dentistry was first established in 1905 in Dallas and since then, they have been providing first-class education to thousands of students, who move on to become successful scientists or dentists. According to national statistics, more than half of the dentists in the Dallas metropolitan area obtained their dentistry certification from Baylor School of Dentistry, which makes it one of the most important and largest dentistry schools in the state. Furthermore, the constant research that is carried out at the different departments at the Baylor School of Dentistry helps improve the syllabus that the students follow; this means that upon the completion of the dentistry program, the students will start practicing their profession based on the latest research and technology.

Paying for Your Education at Baylor

Making the decision of studying dentistry can be considerably difficult because education is quite expensive in the United States. While it is an extremely satisfying investment, it’s important that you figure out the way that you will be funding your dentist career at Baylor School of Dentistry. One of the main factors that you need to consider is the fact that if you’re not a Texas resident, then you will have to pay a higher tuition fee. If you can’t afford to pay full tuition at Baylor School of Dentistry, don’t worry just yet because there are ways that you can help yourself, such as:

    • Scholarships – e.g. BJ Long Memorial Scholarship granted by the Dallas Dental Hygienists Society
    • Financial Aid
    • Student loan or personal loan
    • Education through employer
    • Tax breaks



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