Las Vegas School of Dentistry

When people think of Las Vegas, the first things that come to mind are casinos, hotels and parties, and while this is a characteristic of the strip, there are also reputable schools of dentistry. One of the best known schools in the area is the Las Vegas School of Dentistry, which has been around for a short period of time but has managed to make a good name for itself. Moreover, thousands of students from all over the United States apply to Las Vegas School of Dentistry because of their comprehensive programs and of course, their local attractions.

Mission of the School

Just as every school in the United States, the Las Vegas School of Dentistry has already set their own mission, which is what drives them to continue educating the dentists of the future. Without a doubt, all of their academic programs have been based on this mission,which also has given way to the goals that have shaped their education. The most important thing at Las Vegas School of Dentistry is the fact that their students must understand the importance of patient care and service, and that is why their clinic is focused entirely in the health of the patients that go for treatment. Moreover, Las Vegas School of Dentistry has also been known for the excellent curriculum of their faculty, which has been involved in the research and development of different medical fields.

Research Programs at UNLV

One of the things that make Las Vegas School of Dentistry innovative and fresh is the fact that they are constantly researching the medical field, in order to discover new dentistry treatments. Part of their goal is to include active students in these research programs, especially because they are frequently providing new insights to the different research methods. If you’re already a student at Las Vegas School of Dentistry and you want to be part of the research programs you can contact your class representative for further instruction; in addition, all faculty members at Las Vegas School of Dentistry are invited to become part of the different research programs.

Paying for Your Vegas Tuition

Certainly, making the decision to attend Las Vegas School of Dentistry can be difficult if you are unsure on how to fund your education; the truth is that the majority of Americans don’t go to college because they don’t count with enough funds to do so. Nonetheless, the lack of information has also led many individuals to think that there are simply no alternate ways to pay for their education, and that is completely incorrect. The majority of the students at Las Vegas School of Dentistry have received some type of funding that isn’t their own, which means that if you apply for some type of aid, chances are that you will receive at least part of it. Moreover, the most common methods of funding your education at Las Vegas School of Dentistry are:

  • Federal Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Loans
  • Government Grants
  • Work Programs
  • Work Study
  • Nevada Regents Service Program
  • Veteran Education Benefits



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